Omaha baseball village dusting off the bases, getting ready for CWS crowds

June 08, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. —

Baseball is back in Omaha.

"Everyone is really excited, the vendors, we are, the fans are really excited," said Jenny Peters, marketing director for Omaha Baseball Village.

After two years in the dugout, Peters said they had to dust off the bases..

"Just making sure that all the corners are clean and we've shined up the place. It was kind of sad to have it be empty last year," she said.

Workers are busy in the parking lots south of TD Ameritrade Stadium setting up tents for the College World Series.

Baseball Village won't be empty this year, especially since the NCAA announced attendance could be at 100 percent.

The village and vendors are preparing for big crowds since fans didn't get their fill last year. Peters said it helps everything is outside.

Still, they'll have masks and sanitizer available for fans who want them.

"We have also taken the footprint of the entire village and tried to spread things out a little bit just to make more space for fans to gather safely, and to feel comfortable," she said.

Due to COVID-19, some out-of-state vendors aren't returning. Some of their products, like bats and gloves are held up in production. Peters said they've replaced them with new local ones, who also really need the business.

"It's just as much about them, as it is about the fans coming in to see them. They know that they can pay back not just the revenue, but sort of get the wind back in their sails for why college baseball in Omaha is so awesome at the CWS," Peters said.

Vendors also need employees for the two-week period.

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