The College World Series is coming back to Omaha with a new look for the teams

June 08, 2015

OMAHA (FOX42KPTM) - A whole new look to Baseball Village this year. They are going vintage baseball style right down to the baseballs that you will see all over the village. They are also taking reclaimed barn wood from barns all over Iowa and Nebraska and using them for signs like this all over the place. That wood is being shaped for the signs. And every team that makes it will get signs painted with their home town highlighted. Jenny Peters says, "We've kind of gone with the old school look on our signage around here to be a little bit different than just all vinyl banners covering but we have plenty of those too." There are plenty of new vendors as well. "We sold out on space which is great" says Peters. A lot it is indoor sporting goods shops. The village is ready in case we continue getting a lot of rain. "Our party tent is 13,000 square feet. So it it's pouring down rain and you are in there, nothing changes. You've got a four paneled jumbotron inside it's catered to all kinds of weather but some of us prefer the sunny days," Peters says Lots of sunshine for Texas A&M fans watching their game with TCU Sunday. They came back to win and force a game three in their super regional Monday. Michael Ugarte a Texas A&M fan says "That has to be the most exciting sac-fly you've seen. Yes sir." So if Michael's aggies win Monday, they will play TCU, winner takes all. A lot of waiting to see what happens on Monday. (BILL HOLDS UP SIGN) The Louisville- Fullerton final game is Monday and the winner comes to omaha. But here's who is coming. Florida, Virginia and Miami are in. In the late games, Vanderbilt and LSU made it. One other note, Arkansas wins, so the Razorbacks are back. Dave Van Horn will bring his team back to Omaha for a third time.

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