College World Series: Behind the scenes as Baseball Village prepares for thousands of fans

June 18, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - For a decade Baseball Village has been the heart of entertainment outside of T.D. Ameritrade park. There’s a lot that goes into getting this staple of the College World Series ready to go.

“In a way, we are building a small city for a few weeks,” said Jenny Peters, Omaha Baseball Village.

That takes dozens of crews and weeks’ worth of hard work. You may not realize what it takes to transform this into the full baseball village up now.

“There’s just so much more. The power, the data, just the operations that has to flow for when fans are here. It’s crazy,” Peters said.

Jenny Peters oversees all the work that goes on here. She knows just how difficult it is to make everything go off without a hitch.

Crews started putting up tents before the swim trials even started, they start with wiring all the electricity. That takes some extra work for the giant party tent at the Old Mattress Factory.

“Obviously we have to have everything with walkways into place in terms of thinking about how the fans can be handled safely and how supplies can be replenished in a sufficient manner so the Matt does an amazing job at everything they need to do behind the scenes to put everything into place without anyone even noticing,” said Peters.

And there are some new changes fans can expect this year!

“We’ve changed our layout a little bit to make a wider more expansive beer garden for during the day. We’ve added some video walls in different locations so I think that’s going to be exciting to be able to catch the game whichever way you turn in here.”

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