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VukGripz Performance Bat Grips and Batting Gloves A new way to grip your bat in all conditions! [email protected] - contact - website 2017 ABCA Convention - "Best of Show" - VukGripz Bat Grip and Batting Gloves Largest baseball convention in the world 1st Year in Attendance Anaheim, CA All grips are made in the Akron, OH, USA - Most grips are made overseas VukGripz products can be used together or separately All VukGripz batting gloves have the exact same grip sewn directly into the palms. When those gloves are used with a VukGripz bat grip, a Fortune 500 Co. concluded the following results: Increase in bat speed up to 4.4% with the VukGripz system over a traditional bat grip and batting gloves being used together - 16.6ft extra, on average, in distance a baseball traveled after being hit Just using a VukGripz bat grip, there is an increase in bat speed up to 2.1% over what traditional and popular grips/tapes can provide - 6-8ft extra, on average 270% increase in friction/grip in wet, cold and moist conditions over what traditional bat grips and batting gloves provide in those same conditions. I have taken videos of myself and others pouring bottles of water and a bucket of water on these products. Numerous customers have done the same and have provided that there was no slip. Even if athletes us their bare hands, they still will experience similar results! Top name brand grips cannot provide the same, consist, slip resistance that VukGripz products can in all conditions! Promoting Safety - Because of the increase in friction, less bats are likely to slip out of athlete's hands because there is no slip. VukGripz bat grips are reusable/can be taken off one bat and used on multiple others! First grip to be able to be reapplied another bat after 1,800+ swings had been taken on that grip. That grip was on since May 2016 and reapplied successfully to a new bat in January 2017 (I tested that grip with a pair of new gloves I was launching. I did all that while playing professionally last year). VukGripz Philosophy - "Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!" - explaining bat speed increases: Increased friction/grip = no slip/no loss of energy = increases in relaxation in hands, wrists, arms and upper body = increases in range of motion/flexibility = better fluidity during swings = more bat whip/greater exit velocity = 16.6ft further in distance with VukGripz System