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Red Zone Tickets

Red Zone Tickets is your #1 source for buying and selling College Baseball Series Tickets. We have NO HIDDEN Service Fees so the price you see is what you pay for tickets. We have Free Fed Ex Shipping. The INC 500/5000 ranked Red Zone Tickets as one of the Top 15 fastest growing companies in 2012-2014 as well as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. The Red Zone Tickets inventory database includes over 2 million tickets for Sports, Concerts, and Theatrical events all around the world. uses the latest security features to make sure your purchase is 100% secure. We offer more than just a ticket. We offer some of our customers VIP tailgate experiences at both Husker Football and College World Series games. We have tickets for the Imagine Dragons, Widespread Panic, and every other event that is taking place while you are in Omaha for the College World Series. Red Zone Tickets does not sell tickets at our pickup booth. Our pickup is just for customers to pickup tickets and for tickets already purchased over the phone or online.